Why Franchise? Why Go Burrito?
At Go Burrito, we love to talk about our food, but there's one thing we like to talk about even more: owning your your own Go Burrito? Franchising is a great business model, following the steps of proven success, building on a brand that people know and love, and joining a team of successful entrepreneurs. Here are three great reasons to invest in Go Burrito:
To Make Money

Burritos are fun, but they are also profitable, which is good for us because we’re here to make money.

To Be the Boss

This is where you fit in. Owning a Go Burrito is about being an entrepreneur, and all the benefits that lifestyle has to offer.

To Love What You Do!

If Go Burrito is already your favorite place to eat, imagine the reward of calling it yours! This is no ordinary job. It’s a passion.

Burritos by the Numbers

Average Gross Revenue*


Average Net Profit*


Franchise Fee to Get Started*


Average Profit Margin*