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Go Burrito is listed on the premier franchising website. Go Burrito’s franchise opportunity was recently selected to be listed among the top franchise concepts on the planet. Go Burrito is a rapidly growing chain of popular, fast casual burrito restaurants each serving over 4,000 customers per week. The whole listing is here…

Go Burrito Founder Mikey Wetzel, 10 to Watch

Mikey was recently featured in the Salisbury post and named as one of ten to watch. Written by Amanda Raymond, this article has a great Q&A at the end. Mikey discusses some Go Burrito Financials and the Franchising of the local favorite Burrito shop.   “This past year, Wetzel announced the creation of a parent […]

Go Ventures

Jon Lakey delivers the story of Go Burrito from Idea, to Local Favorite Restaurant to its development into a Fast Casual Franchise through pictures. Watch the Slideshow here…

New downtown: Go Burrito opens at long last

The Salisbury post helps get the word out about Go Burrito opening and Mikey Wetzel’s investment in the “The Community”. Quote from the article: “Since Wetzel started his project, Rowan County has revamped its building code enforcement department to be more business-friendly and help developers find safe but creative ways to rehabilitate vacant buildings.” Read […]