Love burritos so much that you want to own your own Go Burrito? We’re expanding…everywhere! Learn more about our franchise opportunity here.

We also have a referral program….get your friend, neighbor, coworker, favorite uncle, etc. to join the Go Burrito owners’ family and if they buy, we’ll pay you $1,500. (And hopefully you get free burritos, too!).

The Referral Program is designed to help grow Go Burrito by enlisting the support of friends, family, and colleagues in obtaining referrals for franchise ownership.

What: A program that provides a monetary incentive of $ 1500 to individuals who register in the program and refer a prospect to Go Burrito who ultimately purchases a franchise.
When: The program was launched in December 2017 and is effective until further notice.
Who: Anyone is eligible to participate in the program with the noted exception of those individuals who may be precluded by federal or state law, regulatory requirements or by contract from receiving referral payments.
Where: The referral program applies to all non-registration states in the United States where Go Ventures, Inc offers the sale of franchises. Please note that a franchise award is conditional upon the prospects receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and proper vetting by Go Ventures, Inc.
How: To become a referral program participant, the individual must perform the following:

  1. Log into our referral program portal and sign up at
  2. Refer an interested prospect by accessing the portal at or by email at
  3. If the interested prospect decides to purchase a Go Burrito franchise, then you will be awarded the standard referral of $1500.
  4. Payment will be delivered to you five (5) days after the franchise closing or receipt of payment of the franchise fee, whichever is later.
  5. Please note that the typical timeframe for a franchise sale is between six (6) and eight (8) months.
  6. All referrals are subject to review and may be denied if the prospect is already in our database, has previously contacted us, or already been approached by us.

We promise to get back to you quickly, within three business days of your provision of the referral, with an answer regarding the acceptance or rejection of the referral.

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